About us 

To describe Andrea and Vieri Bista, it is easier to tell the story of a great friendship and a common professional career.
Born at school, grown up with job experience abroad, and in the most prestigious places of the Florentine catering , up to the realization of a project strongly desired in the restaurant delle Tre Panche. Two personalities and two different temperaments, precise and meticulous Andrea, more creative and rebellious Vieri Bista. They complement each other and transfer this harmony also to that they love to do more, their cuisine.

The atmosphere

We like to consider the restaurant as the kitchen of our house. This is our idea of hospitality and catering, a warm, relaxed, family atmosphere where customers are recommended in the culinary path that best suits their preferences. In the room it is easy to chat with diners neighbors as well as with Andrea and Vieri Bista so that on leaving will be very likely to have known other people and to return the opportunity to visit new friends!


  • Cuoco Andrea Osteria delle Tre Panche
  • Andrea Osteria delle Tre Panche

Vieri Bista

  • Vieri Bista Osteria delle Tre Panche
  • Cuoco Vieri Bista Osteria delle Tre Panche